Friday, March 13, 2020

Why We Should Reduce Our Plastic Waste?

The use of plastic has become a daily part of human life. It’s lightweight and practical, makes the use of plastic increases every day. Behind the increasingly frequent use of plastic, there are many dangers lurking. Plastics are one of the biggest causes of environmental damage and Indonesia is the second largest contributor to plastic waste in the world. As a young generation, we should no longer close our eyes about this. It is time for us to start reducing the use of plastic in our daily lives.

Our earth has been too dirty and full of pollution. Countless how much pollution is caused by vehicles, factories and household waste. If earth is human, the condition of the earth is very old with chronic diseases and plastic waste is one of the reasons why this earth becomes sick. If we don’t care about all of that, the damage and destruction of the earth is just a matter of time.

In addition, plastic pollution affect sea life throughout the ocean. You must often hear news about sea animals that die suddenly. Sadly, the cause of death of sea animals is due to plastic waste poisoning. There are 12.7 million tons of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. All of that settled and damaged the balance of the marine ecosystem. Plastic waste not only pollutes the ocean but also kills marine animals slowly.

Other reason why we should reduce the use of plastic is because plastics take hundreds of years to decompose again. Then try to imagine, how much time is needed to decompose all the plastic waste that humans produce if we don't start reducing it from now. Quoted from, plastic waste, especially plastic bags, takes 20 until 1,000 years to finally decompose. This is certainly very dangerous for our environment.

You have to realize the danger of plastic waste and we have to make real moves to minimize plastic use to save our earth, our ocean, our environmental for our children in the future. Let's start the movement from ourselves. Reduce the use of plastic regularly. For example, replacing plastic bags with shopping bags, carrying reusable drinking bottles so they no longer single-use bottles, and replacing plastic cutlery with materials that are more eco-friendly.

(Mukhammad Mahfud from Tadris Bahasa Inggris IAIN Pekalongan: 2018)

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