Thursday, March 5, 2020

BIG Call for TBIG Students, Let's Join With Us!

In order to develop a two-way media platform, we from English Student Association of IAIN Pekalongan (HMJ TBIG) are proudly present the TBIG CORNER!

This is a special segment in this website for IAIN Pekalongan students, especially TBIG students, to channel their talents and interests in writing English. In other hand, this segment also aims to improve the ability of students to write critically and express their own opinions in public. Come join with us and take this opportunity to develop yourself!

What contents can be send to us?
  • Opinion: It can be about campus life in IAIN pekalongan, hot issue in society, problematics in Indonesia or Worldwide, etc. Write in essay writing style (persuasive, argumentative, or free based on on your own opinion). 250 words minimum 
  • Short story: Either fiction or non-fiction. 250 words minimum 
  • Poetry: We accept all poetry. No minimum or maximum words.

 What rules that must be observed?
  • Write it in English.
  • Typed in office software (microsoft office, wps office  ,libre office, etc.).
  • All content will curated by editor before publish.
  • No plagiarism.
  • Make sure all content that you make based on the right rules either on opinion (critical writing),short story , or poetry.
  • Ready for revision from editor team.
  • We're ready to help you if your content needs to do slight revision, but if the revisions is significant we may return it.

What benefits you can get?
  • A wider audience potential for your writing.
  • Your name and your social media account will be included in each of your content.
  • As a place to improve your writing skills.
  • Your talent will be known, and specifically for TBIG students you will have the opportunity to get further guidance to take part in the big competition.

Where to send your content?
You can send your contents in doc/docx/txt files via;
WhatsApp : 0823-2591-4644 (Mahfud) with format “Name-Study Programme-Content type
Email        : with subject “Name-Study Programme-Content type” 

Do Thank You for Your Attention!

(edited for 2020 period)

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